Art Director: Hannah Rawitscher
Copywriter: Candise Duhaney

Colorful Minds

Molding and shaping with Play-Doh goes beyond just being fun; it nurtures early cognitive development in children, enhancing both their thinking power and allowing kids to use their creativity while developing their imagination. Play-Doh isn't just colorful dough but a window into another world.

Pixar Collab

Play-doh and Pixar have joined forces to bring the magic of animation to life with the launch of limited-edition kits tied to upcoming Pixar movies. Each kit allows fans to recreate beloved characters and scenes and includes a digital download of a Pixar short film for an immersive experience.

Inventing Room

Play Doh presents “The inventing Room”- a whimsical, interactive pop-up coming to a Meow Wolf or Cadence Academy near you. Let your little ones dive in and explore the hands-on haven to unleash their creativity, where their wildest ideas can take shape.

Color Run

Play-Doh takes creativity on the run- literally. Collaborating with the Color Run, Play-Doh will host an event where participants not only race through bursts of colors, but also sculpt their creativity along the way fostering a community of creativity and expression.

On the Go

For the young creator constantly on the move, Play-Doh introduces the “On the Go” app. The joy of creating and crafting is no longer limited. Kids can create Play-Doh masterpieces virtually, whether on car rides or at the dentist office. Transforming any moment into a virtual playground of imagination and exploration.


Hannah Rawitscher
Art Director | Designer