AdvertisingArt Director: Hannah Rawitscher
Copywriter: Candise Duhaney
Royal Caribbean

Lazy Luxury

Swap those busy schedules and hectic lifestyles for some much needed self care and indulgence. Laziness isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle. Next time, someone gives you the side-eye for napping on the job, just remember you’re not being lazy, you’re living life like royalty.

Anti-Work AI

Royal Caribbean introduces the AskRoyal – the ultimate AI tool to help compose the perfect request for PTO. AskRoyal will analyze your calendar, identifying the best days for basking in the sun, and generate tailored templates to help you manifest your vacation dreams. Anti-work tools to help employees reduce their workload and stress levels, such as assisting with writing PTO emails. Relax and let the AskRoyal do all the work.

Topdeck Laziness

To introduce that moments of luxury and relaxation can be effortlessly incorporated into the fabric of life. Royal Caribbean is the bringing the essence of a cruise to the workplace. Converting the rooftops of Forbes’ Top 100 companies into luxurious cruise line retreats, where consumers can experience the royal treatment on our mock decks, as a glimpse to what awaits aboard our lavish cruises. 


Tired of feeling like a landlocked sailor, trapped in a sea of spreadsheets? Royal Caribbean is bringing the ultimate island getaway to your office—with Sleep Pods! Step inside and let the gentle sway of calming sounds and the soft glow of ambient light transport you to your own private oasis, right in the middle of your workday.


Hannah Rawitscher
Art Director | Designer