AdvertisingArt Director: Hannah Rawitscher
Copywriter: Kevin McGuire

Stream With Soul

Selected by QualityMeats agency to pitch to SiriusXM
An algorithm will never truly understand music because it isn’t human. While other music streaming services depend on an algorithm to deliver music to the masses, Sirius XM utilizes their team of disc jockeys, radio hosts, and music curators to share the human experience of listening to music.

A.I. Interpretation

In this series, we’ll invite artists to the studio to talk about some of their songs. Before they do, we’ll have A.I. attempt to tell us the meaning behind them. The artist will confirm or deny the A.I.nterpretation and tell us what they really had in mind while writing it. A.I. might get close, but it could never beat hearing from the artists themselves.

SiriusXM x BandsInTown

To highlight the humans behind the music, SiriusXM will partner with BandsInTown to create channels focused on artists who will be playing live shows in your city. 

As artists come to town we’ll host them for an interview on the station where we’ll talk about the future, talk about the past, ask a few questions, and let listeners get to know the artists on a human level!

SiriusXM Smells

You know how certain scents can bring you back to a moment in time, much like hearing a song you love? SiriusXM’s top DJs sat down with aroma specialists to bring you the scents that take them back to a few moments in their musical lives.

If you smell closely, these scents might take you back too.

Can Ya Captcha?

For years, one method has been trusted over all others for proving you are a human and not a machine: the CAPTCHA.

SiriusXM is bringing pop-ups to music festivals where visitors can solve a few CAPTCHAs to prove their humanity. The reward is a SiriusXM membership so that when they leave they may continue their musical journey and Stream With Soul.


Hannah Rawitscher
Art Director | Designer