Art Director: Hannah Rawitscher
Copywriter: Liz Roper
Village Inn

Open for Appetite

In a society that praises rise and grind culture, the average working person is made out to feel like their schedule compromises the most important meal of the day. Thankfully, Village Inn believes a hot and yummy breakfast is best enjoyed beyond conventional hours. It doesn’t matter when you slide in, because here our booths are always Open for Appetite.

The visuals and art direction ideas presented in this ad campaign are entirely my own creation, although AI was utilized to assist in its development.


It’s not often we are rewarded for running off schedule. Billboards and posters near nightly work hubs will promote the late breakfast initiative with a new app feature to invite friends for untimely dining. With running late detection technology, post-class studiers and night shift nurses will receive discounts for joining us after the morning rush.

Whenever Orders

With live billboards in bustling locations, Village Inn will share real-time status updates, showing diners clocking-in for the breakfast classics. Customer’s orders will highlight our most drooled over plates as you dig in beyond the morning hours. 

Slide in the Hot Seat

As moments spent idling can feel like opportunities gone cold, Village Inn is here to remind commuters that a hot breakfast is best enjoyed beyond the morning hours. Heated booth seating at downtown bus stops will invite guests to join us with a warm welcome as time freezes. 

It’s Breakfast Time

The popular retro watch brand, G-Shock is getting a Village Inn makeover for those who don’t give a flip about meal planning. Every month of 2024, we will choose a lucky late diner to receive a piece from our timeless collection of analog watches. With a limited edition drop, we celebrate cracking convention, one meal at a time. Hey Rolex, you just got served. 

Let’s Get Crackin’

Village Inn is going on tour to college campuses and hospitals nationwide to bring a hefty serving of laughs and the breakfast classics. The comedy tour will feature “late arrival” comedians, with a random schedule, that prove there’s always room for a giggle and a griddle. You’ve got an appetite for comedy? We can ease that.

Late Arrival Lineup: Grace Kuhlenschmidt, Jeff Wright & Sheng Wang.


Hannah Rawitscher
Art Director | Designer